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BIL100E Summer Term announcement for our foreign students
by Öğr. Gör. Dr. Doğu SIRT - Monday, 10 August 2020, 11:12 AM

Dear all,

For BIL100E Summer Term, it is necessary to log in to portal with your ITU username / password (Ninova or any other website will not be used) and follow the announcements. You can find all the information about the course (grade evaluation section will not be applied for Summer Term) from the Student Guide in the links below, when you log in to with your ITU username and password,

Midterm exam link under BIL AND CMP COURSES -> BIL100E INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON - SUMMER TEST (enter PYTHON as enrollment key, required to enter the exam),
Theoretical course videos under BIL AND CMP COURSES -> BIL100E DISTANCE EDUCATION VIDEOS,
Under BIL AND CMP COURSES -> BIL100E LABORATORY SESSION VIDEOS, you can access further practice videos.

Grade calculations will be made with the raw score you will get from Midterm which has a value of 100% on 2 September 2020, the time when the midterm is scheduled. Related midterm exam announcement will be made later (as well as with make-up exam, if necessary).

The theoretical and practice parts of our course will be taught by our instructors in asynchronous video recording format.

For the questions you want to ask (administrative and academic), you can send e-mail to related lecturer under BIL Courses Coordinator where you take your course.

During distance education process, first of all, you are expected to follow the educational content in the links mentioned above and study the slides related to the theoretical part. In the practice part, if there is a practice video related to the relevant week, you can watch it firstly after downloading Python 3.7 version of Anaconda Navigator ( We recommend you to study by writing all codes in Anaconda Navigator->Spyder.

We wish all our students success for Summer Term and health during the pandemic.

BIL Courses Coordinator
Faculty of Computer and Informatics