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Frequently asked questions from you!
by Bil Portalı Yöneticisi - Tuesday, 28 October 2014, 10:47 AM

Q: How many quizzes will there be for this semester?
A: There will be 10 quizzes.

Q: How are the grades calculated?
A: With the average of 60% of your quiz averages and 40% of your final exam. That is:

(Overall Average) = ((Total of the quiz grades)/10)*0.6 + (Final exam grade)*0.4

Upon failing the final exam, the make-up exam grade (bütünleme) will replace the final exam grade on the formula above.

Q: How many quizzes should I attend to pass the course?
A: You should attend at least 7 of the 10 quizzes. Otherwise you will fail directly and you will not have the possibility of entering the final and make-up exam(VF).

Q: What is the passing grade for the course?
A: The overall average must be at least 40.

Q: From what sources should I study for the exams?
A: On the top of the "BIL101E ALL COURSES" page, the link "BIL101E20132014Spring" will take you to the page containing the list of the quizzes as well as SAMPLE quizzes, internet exercises and referenced work from the book, where there also are the links of the course materials.

In addition to that there is a textbook named "Computers are your future" by Bill Daley (Prentice Hall, 2012) which can be accessed using the library.

No other online or written material are approved for this course, including online courses or quizzes from other websites and question samples sold in the photocopy shops. The staff can not be held responsible for any inconsistencies resulting with your failure of the exams or the course upon your reference to the unapproved materials.

Q: I don't want to attend the quiz according to my reservation this week. Can I do it some other time within the week?
A: No, you should attend the quiz on your reserved day and your reserved hour.

Q: Where can I attend the quizzes?
A: The only location for attending the quizzes are the Computer Labs (BIL LAB 1 and BIL LAB 2) at the base floor of the MED building, behind the cafeteria.

Q: Will there be a make-up if I miss the exams?
A: There won't be a make-up for the quizzes. Like all the courses in İ.T.Ü., there will be a make-up only for the final exam (bütünleme) which affects %40 of the course grade.

Q: If none of the above fits my problem, where else can I get information or help?
A: The best reference for information and the only place to get help are the labs in which the quizzes are conducted, within the quiz hours.(usually Monday to Friday from 09:00-16:00) -> only valid during 20142015 FALL semester.